Launching my first single, “purpose”

Today I’m launching my first single, “purpose”. This is the result of a multi-year journey – one morning in early 2016 I woke up with the hook playing in my head, and the first version of the lyrics dates back to March of that year. Finding purpose was the key topic of my coaching sessions back then … The song’s seen countless rearrangements and discarded recordings. Perfect is the enemy of good though: At some point you just have to finish a piece and move on.

It’s about searching for a meaning and how, once you find it, it’ll be with you, always. It’s also about that drive to improve, to learn, to explore and develop new skills. And for me, the biggest challenge: dealing with setbacks and finally accepting that you can’t please everyone.

Very much hope you’ll like it – there’s a lot of “me” in this track! If you do: Please like it, add it to a playlist, follow me … Thank you!

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Along empty roads
Among foreign people
Through darkness and doubt
Fear not: you’ll hear me

Surrounded by foe
In cold and abandon
In struggle so deep
It’s me you will see

I’m with you all the time
Ev’ry second you’re mine
And I’m yours
Through your eyes will I shine
I’m your purpose divine
Truly yours

The fork in your path
The future uncertain
Unclear where to turn
My hand you will feel

In terror and pain
With wounds deep and gaping
Exhausted to death
Your sickness I’ll heal

You know it ain’t easy
To find your way
Life’s distractions
Lead you astray
Your inner longing
You can’t ignore
Your purpose written
Into your core

You’re with me all the time
All your life you are mine
And I’m yours
Through your deeds will I shine
I’m your purpose divine
Truly yours

© & ℗ 2020 Michael Hatscher

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