Some of the most toxic relationships we carry with us all our lives.

I‘ve fallen from grace, again

I’ve fallen from grace, again
Silent treatment all over once more
Filled up to the brim with guilt
Childhood clockworks kick in, like before

How could I even dare protest
Ungrateful boy, you’re such a failure
Stop whining ’bout your boundaries
Do as I please, do yourself a favour

My life’s delicate candle
You snuff it so casually
Darkness that I can’t handle
Fills the void oh so deadly
My life’s delicate candle

My soul’s delicate flame
It flickers oh so feebly
Your blade so deep in my guts
You twist oh so deeply

I’ve fallen from grace, again
Violence can take on so many forms
Standing here with my back to the wall
Weathering your crushing wrath’s silent storms

And you expect me to crawl back to you
Like all those times I did before
But this time’s different, I will hold my ground
Won’t give you what you’re hoping for

© & ℗ 2021 Michael Hatscher

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