Darkwave, futurepop. Excellent electronic music since 1989.


If, when you hear darkwave, you imagine depressing melodies and heart-wrenching despair, think again. Michael Hatscher is a keen observer of the human condition, a deep thinker and master of words and melodies, and his music is full of hope, melodic, lush, and powerful. When asked why he prefers black over any other color, Michael Hatscher says, “Black is the backdrop on which the details we describe can be most cleanly observed.” 

Michael Hatscher’s belief is that music allows us, as humans, to perceive complex connections in the world in ways not accessible to the conscious mind, and will continue to channel his intuitive insights into his art. He has written music since 1989 when he got his first keyboard, initially going after the sound of Depeche Mode, Jean-Michel Jarre, and Tangerine Dream. Over the last few years, he’s doubled down on his craft to express his view of the ever crazier world we live in, developed his own sound and style, and in 2020, he’s releasing his music for the first time.